We integrate different cutting-edge technologies and advisory intelligence.


The automated Optical Character Recognition will enable you to digitalize the information contained in commercial invoices or other documents and incorporate them into the registration and control processes.

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Using world-class software, You will be able to robotize repetitive and high volume tasks, imitating any human action, on any platform, in any area of your Company.

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They are conversational robots that simulate, through artificial intelligence, to hold a conversation with a person providing pre-configured automatic responses.

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Definitely solve the problem of bank reconciliations or any other kind, automating the whole process with the most powerful tool in the market.

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Quickly and intelligently integrate all the financial information available in your Company, shaping your financial position and your short term cash budgets in a clear and simple manner.

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Automate the preparation of habitual management reports, data crossing (e.g. with the taxable base) and the input/output of text files from/to any application (Tax Authority (AFIP), ERPs, etc.).

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ControlBots is a business unit jointly owned by BDO Argentina and Clever Advisor S.A. that has the purpose of providing last generation advice and solutions for automation processes in all the areas of your Company.

This alliance strengthens its services based on its extensive experience in the areas of audit, consulting and information technology, with a highly qualified professional staff trained to provide a service of excellence.

The service is based on the knowledge of both firms at an accounting and reporting process level, as well as information technology, achieving an optimal combination of experience and effectiveness in each project.

We offer our clients the proven ability to implement state-of-the-art technological solutions aimed at generating significant savings and improvements in work methods.

BDOis the 5th Global Network in audit and consulting. It has more than 1400 offices in 159 countries with a team of more than 67.700 collaborators that provide services to companies worldwide.

CleverAdvisor is an Argentine consulting firm expert in accounting analysis, internal control and financial reporting.


We offer our clients state-of-the-art technological solutions
that generate savings and greater quality in the processes.


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